Welcome to the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) of the IFK/CIS.

The aim of the PTA is to support the school and teachers, and to promote an active school communityBecome involved in your child’s education. Volunteer in the classroom, participate in current PTA activities, or create a new activity.


PTA Sports for parents and teachers

Interested parents and teachers are welcome to participate in the sports activities offered by the PTA in the school year 2019/2020:

  • PTA Football, Wednesdays, 8pm - 10pm

  • PTA basketball, Thursdays, 8pm - 10pm

    All activities take place in the sports hall of the school. Interested parties please contact us via info@ptakoeln.de.


The beautiful six-week summer holiday is over again. Many children (and probably their parents too ;-) ... ) are looking forward to seeing all those classmates and teachers again. Welcome back for school year 2019/2020!

The PTA will keep you posted on the events that will take place during this school year.

Best wishes,

PTA Board


The school year ends traditionally with a summer party. Our Summer Kick Off party will take place on Wednesday, 10th July 2019 from 3.30 to 5pm in our schoolyard, weather permitting (in case of heavy rain it has to be cancelled). There will be an exciting programme featuring dance and cheer leading performances, as well as a diverse entertainment programme with games and activities for students to take part in. The preparations for the Summer Kick Off party are already in full swing. The soft drinks have been ordered; activities, games and music organised.



You will receive an email from your class rep with the list of finger food each grade is asked to bring to contribute to our buffet. The distribution is as follows:
G1/2 : Quiche or pizza
G3/4: Savoury snack

G5/6: Quiche or pizza
G7/8/9: Cut fruits and vegetables

G10/11: Cakes, biscuit


Please note that the food should be nut free and already sliced in small portions as it is intended to be eaten with fingers. The food can be dropped off in the main entrance hall on the morning of the 10th July starting at 7.45am. We will be there to take it. Alternatively, you can also bring it directly to the party at 3.30pm. Food at the buffet is free of charge.


Lastly a short reminder: Since it is a normal school day and the party starts after school at 3.30pm, there will be no teacher supervision of children. Children should be supervised by a parent or a guardian. We are looking forward to seeing you all there!




Become involved in your child’s education. Volunteer in your child’s classroom, create or take over a PTA project.


"The more parents participate in schooling, in a sustained way, at every level -- in advocacy, decision-making and oversight roles, as fund-raisers and boosters, as volunteers and para-professionals, and as home teachers -- the better for student achievement.”

(Williams, D.L. & Chavkin, N.F., Essential elements of strong parent involvement programs, 1989.)



Heute am Schulleben der Kinder teilnehmen - das ist uns wichtig. Werden Sie Klassenvertreter/in, gründen, übernehmen oder unterstützen Sie Projekte in der PTA.


„Je mehr sich Eltern nachhaltig in der Schule ihrer Kinder einbringen, sprich als Fürsprecher bei Entscheidungen, bei der Betreuung, als Sponsoren und Sponsorensucher, als Freiwillige, als Para-Professionelle in bestimmten Bereichen, oder als Lehrer zu Hause - desto besser wird der Erfolg des Kindes ausfallen."

(Williams, D.L. & Chavkin, N.F., Essential elements of strong parent involvement programs, 1989.)

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